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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what's going on in terms of the radar, and what i want to show you here is that the radar shows that we have active weather out there, and where it is now, it's pushed to the south and east of columbia, and let's take you in close, and show you what's going on. towards 95, and i will stop it for you and show you the most significant line is along 95 right in here, and that's continuing to push off to the east at about maybe 30, 35 miles per hour, something like that. that's the last gas, and that was thth last gasp of significant weather that's out there, and behind it it's all just rain and watch out, places like sum sum summerton, places like that, and now we are down to just showers, and we will see more out there tonight, and a few more
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finally we get a good day of clearing. it certainly was a wild afternoon in the midlands. whenever you have thunderstorms, there's a chance, albeii small, but there's a chance you can get tornadoes spin up.s that's exactly what happened outust sa there today. up >> what started off as a quiet rain day, it ended upbringing a- damage and destruction after the tornado touched down in west columbia. thh >> take you out live to jennifer ray, and she's been out on the farmers market. >> we are about a half mile away where you just mentioned that tornado touched down earlier today, and if you look behind me, evidence of that massive tree is one of many, and now crews were out here earlier removing this tree from the
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up about a half hour ago for safety reasons and tried to clear that as quickly as possible. also across the street, 321, they were not able to go through the gate but they also did experience damage, and several cars did have window damage, and also crucifixing cars that seem to have appeared turned offer or off to the side pushed into a fence. we will have video of that coming up at 11:00. as for damage across other parts of the midlands, we did receive these photos from viewers. and you can see there are several items up in trees scattered across the property, and the roof did come off one of the buildings in that area, and we are told weather officials will survey that area, and also back here in lexington county, i did talk to the sheriff's office a few moments ago, and they tell me they are not seeing major damage in this area but seeing minor damage off 321.
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there are no weather related injuries that they know of. that's all we have here from west columbia right now, and we will have updates for you throughout the night. from west columbia, jenniferof dix ready. ad a >> an ef0 tornado did touch down, and winds up to 85 miles per hour. >> if you are joining us now, tore d confirm what jennifer readywere dam. said, no reports of injuries, but several trees down, and trees toppling over, and almost as if they were sliced, and we all will see the video from jennifer's story. all afternoon we have received pictures and video showing us the damage left by today's tornado. >> we want you to be safe, and we did receive a lot of pictures and video from you. this was sent to us, and it waswt of shot by nick johnson.this
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of work and see that? look at those trees winds just kind of cut right through that line of trees there.m again, thank you for sharing your video and pictures with us from today's storm. but so far looking into the evening this weather has pretty much passed. >> we can't share the audio because of course when you experience this, it's real world for you, and sometimes flip out. >> start speaking french. >> how you really feel.3 but it definitely is good video it covers the damage, as it is uncovered around the midland following the tornado and the storms that rolled through, andtwit stay connected with us online at at abc on facebook and twitter and abc columbia news at 11:00. >> keep it right here, john farley with an extended look at sexua your forecast. s ca
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a sexual assault has turnedsuth himself in.accoto carlos hernandez surrendered this morning.r thin investigators say the adult took place on barnwell street afterespr 3:00 in the morning on saturday. en the rape and sexual assault are forever important.of >> and richland county sheriff's department offered our veterans training on preventing and withor handling unsafe situations, and she joins us live in the studio with more.d in beth. >> 300 sexual assault cases were90% of reported in 2015 kne 90% of those sults were se committed by someone the victim new. thwa there are things that can be done to thwart attacks. >> it takes just a few seconds to become a victim. >> it happpps in all ages, and it happens with people that you know, people that you are
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>> sexual assault is something that can happen to any woman in any location. >> whether you are out at a club, having drinks or it could be a family member or friend that comes over, and one thing leads to another. >> and that's why it's so important to be ready. >> we don't want them to be paranoid but to understand that what looks normal and what doesn't look normal within the areas that they live in that they shop at. >> the department regularly holds self-defense courses where the emphasis is on reaction techniques to fight off attackers. >> if somebody is walking behind you and grab you like this, what are easy ways to get out of it, and it's to swing your hand backwards. >> knowing the technique is important, but making the effort to prevent unsafe situations is critical. >> if you can, be with other friends, and make sure you let your friends know where you are going, and be careful about what
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>> if an attack does occur, don't wait to report it. >> the sooner you report it, the more effective the case is going to be as far as investigating it, because there's evidence, crime scenes we need to try capturing before it goes away. >> and it really is all too on ct which that the cases go sos unreported, so they are urgingparm any victims to report anyhour se incidences as soon as possible.r wome the sheriff's department will be holding a four-hour self-defense class this we will have the link to n register and all the information you need to know on the website abc haw live in the newsroom, abcenta columbia news. >> thank you so kershaw county elementary school placed on modified lockdown as ing deputies search for a burglary suspect. throughout the evening and earlys this morning jeremy woodal brokeni
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and bill clinton speaks rst about why you should vote forbefo his wife. before the event clinton was atl as the statehouse meeting withlumbianews democratic members of thear wthe pr general assembly, and watch abc columbia news at 11:00 to hear what the president had to say.omin >> and candidates are bowing out of the race for the republican nomination.mpaign a this morning kentucky senator rand paul announced he would suspend his campaign and focus on the reelection bid. rick santorum followed suit announcing he would leave the race as well. l >> up next, it's risky business. it looks like the city may havetion the last say when it comes to ald r. controversial on >> and looking to help you buildne your career, and we will tell
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back. the legal battle over an adult novelty store on divine may b legal battle over an adult adultquir store.stor they presented the store with an ordinance and it requires the a store to stop selling adult merchandise by february 5th ority' face a 500-dollar a day fine,ce a r and we contacted the city zoningot i office but have not yet received a reply. >> home depot hiring 80,000ng seasonal workers, and a sign that spring is just around the is corner and the housing market remains strong, and a company spokesman says spring is their ev
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been hiring 80,000 seasonale workers every year for the last 10 years, and half of them turn into permanent workers, and seasonal hiring means each of home depot's 2,000 stores in the up u.s. will hire roughly 40 to 45 workers. john farley with the latest how today's severe weather and whatec we should expect >> and the tornado that touched
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it's up next. welcome back. busy afternoon here in the midlands. we had a tornado that touched down.
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from 0-5 and this would be zero. it's the smallest that exists but ithad winds up to 80 miles per hour and touched down near the farmers market and did damage at a car lot essentially, and that's where the most damage was done. let's show you what's going on on the radar right now. what you see is a lot of green on the map. but the action is east of columbia, and we see the yellows and reds, and oranges there, and that continues to be now east of 95, the line right in here, and that will continue to move to the east, and in terms of threatening weather, that's all that we have, and we have it there, and we come a little bit further south again, and you can see it extend down to vanburg, bowman, and that's going to go out to the east. in terms of threatening weather, that's the assist of it. behind it we have rain, rain focused basically west of there, and there's a good bit of it, and on and off showers for the
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can expect as we work our way through, and we will talk about what's going on in terms of the weather, in terms of the bigger view, and the temperatures still warm, and you step outside, and it's 65 here in columbia, and 70 in manning, and see this line right in the middle there? that's the line of intense weather, and that's what sparked that tornado and continuing to produce the significant weather east of columbia, and notice behind it here, there's a good bit of clearing, and it will get here, and the weekend overall looks pretty good, cooler, but pretty quiet, and here we go, and here is a look at tomorrow morning, and tonight 8:00,s we have showers in play, but watch what happens, they wind down as we go overnight, and basically it's quiet, but as we go to tomorrow morning's commute, notice you will see the showers
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8:00 in the morning, and mainly east of columbia, and as you see the clearing is little reluctant to get in here until afternoon, and notice there's clearing finally starting to work in the west, and it's going to take until friday before we finally clear up. more showers, especially early tonight, and late tonight temperatures dipping into the upper 50s, and here is a look at your tomorrow. showers, especially in the early part of the day, and temperatures either side of 60 is where we are going to go, and after that, as i say, friday is going to clear up, cool off, but it will clear out, and the weekend 50s, and temperatures overnight dipping down into the 30s, but back to you two for now, and yes, it was bit of a wild ride, because the way it works, remember the radar looks out and sees the circulation, and we can see it, and did it touch down? one touched down, and maybe another one, and a lot of surf
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>> it affected school being let out today, and a lot of schools kept the kids inside through 3:30 until the tornado warning expires. >> kind of touch and go at that point, but it went to severe fast. >> who is coming to south carolina? it's national signing day today.
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>> we will be right back. this is, you know, a great day for us. >> there's a lot of things to be excited about right now withsi south carolina. >> national signing dayll.will christmas day for some college have football fans. i'm tim hill. will muse muchamp didn't have much time. but the top name alreadys enrolled at carolina. brandon. muschamp hoping to get them atop
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>> i don't think i'm ever satisfied, you know, and that's the way i kind of look at things, but i think that this is a two or three-year process that you are going to look back and reflect that was a really good class for us. winning on signing day isn't real important to me, but two years down the line, three years, where are these guys, and how much they contribute and how much they play, and how productive were they as players for south carolina? >> and quarterback work, hopingsout to get an offer from thefor gamecocks signed with georgia southern, the school he had beenaccord verballably committedverbally to for a long time. gi clemson moving from the top 10 to the top 5,ings several guys deciding to go with him today? building on a championship
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for davlin sweeney. signing 23 verbal commitments for another top five related recruiting class. >> we got better today. that's what we try to do as a program. continue to improve and get better, and i thought we did that today. >> sweeney's main message today, to build on a championship season, you have to bring in guys who are much more than just football players. >> what i'm always challenging our staff, we need championship people first that needs to be our focus, and i think that this group -- with this group, we have done that, and it's a group from top to bottom that fills our needs, and this group, i think, is going to be secial. >> when sweeney was asked who stuck out in particular in this 2016 class, he said teddy reminds him a lot of c.j.
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afternoon this is the closest he's seen looking like c.j. spiller since c.j. spiller. abc columbia sports. other midlands high school football fans signing with other schools around the state. logan bailey, he's headed to citadel to play quarterback tock g the bulldogs. lexington with a trio of hern.w players, and defensive back nickst grace, and wide receiver tyler to will play at scc. a local player, he did not sign today, and we will see where he ends up and drag that signing33 day drama out a little bit. >> that's right. drag it out. just bringing on the glory. taking talents to miami. we will have to see. up next, abc columbia news at 6:00 continues, and we are going
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>> it's live from gervais. watching abc columbia news at six. thanks for making us your choice for news.ewnight you have been watching abc
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thank you for keeping us. >> john farley will continue to track the weather throughout the evening and keep you posted. we will see you back here
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